Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) from IBM Maximo is used to monitor and manage tasks, work order, work permits, spares and inventory movement across 1,300+ MW of plant globally. Further, the analytics from the data helps tracking Key Performance Indicators (KPI) like Mean Time Between Failures and Mean Time To Resolve which help improve performance of the plant.


Defects in solar modules can cause them to break down or even produce a reverse current, which might damage the entire solar plant. A thermographic inspection of the solar plant with calibrated Thermographic Camera helps in detecting hot spots from a distance, detecting and predicting underperforming modules and searching for improper electrical connections and faulty diodes and fuses.

IV Curve Testing

The IV Curve tester simulates a lab testing environment on site to generate an Current Voltage (IV) Curve for modules and strings to check the expected versus actual degradation of the plant. This may happen due to hot spots, Potential Induced Degradation, manufacturing defects etc. This can then form the basis for a warranty claim.

Proprietary SCADA & Monitoring Center

Proprietary SCADA being developed specifically for solar plants allows Solarig Gensol to take a global view of plants we are maintaining, prioritize alarms, automate reporting and O&M workflow and deliver insights. This coupled with Monitoring Centers in India and Spain ensure that solar plants are watched and taken care of.

Cleaning Robots

Solarig Gensol has studied and installed Automatic and Semi-automatic Module Cleaning robots in India and globally. These robots, although involve an initial capital expense, are able to bring the dust or soiling losses down to almost ZERO, clean the modules daily at night and usually require no water but they do need scale and precision in execution.


Drones have found their application in Solar Operation & Maintenance to conduct Thermographic Inspection and also monitor security of a solar plant. Solarig Gensol has experience in taking permissions and conducting drone based Solar O&M studies.