Solarig Gensol Utilities & Pvt Ltd

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Comprehensive O&M Solution provider

Solarig Gensol Utilities built on global best practices on O&M taken from Solarig from Spain and in depth understanding of design and development Indian solar projects from Gensol delivers comprehensive Operation & Maintenance services under one roof. This helps IPPs and EPCs focus on their core area of expertise of project development and building solar plants, while we stand guarantee to the performance of their plants.

Rooftop Solar O&M

Approach to O&M of a Rooftop solar plant differs from the MW scale projects. While, it is possible to have dedicated engineers, tools, spares etc for a utility MW scale project, this would end up becoming extremely costly for Rooftop Project. However, Solarig Gensol with 100+ trained engineers & technicians spread across different states in the country, can provide customized and cost effective offering ranging from pre agreed scheduled maintenance to as-required on call basis for rooftop projects

Preventive & Scheduled Maintenance

Preventative maintenance (PM) encompasses routine inspection and servicing of equipment—at frequencies determined by equipment type, environmental conditions, and warranty terms in an O&M services agreement — to prevent breakdowns and unnecessary production losses. Preventive Maintenance is important to lower the probability of unplanned PV system downtime.

Corrective & Breakdown Maintenance

Corrective or reactive maintenance addresses equipment repair needs and breakdowns after their occurrence to mitigate unplanned downtime. Though a certain amount of reactive maintenance will likely be necessary over the course of a plant’s 25 year lifetime, it can be lessened through more proactive PM and condition-based maintenance (CBM) strategies. Solarig Gensol actively coordinates with Equipment Suppliers and manages Warranties, Contracts and Service Level Agreements (SLA) with them for quick resolution.

Performance Guarantees

Although, Solarig Gensol Utilities is a third party independent operator which is equipment, EPC, location and technology agnostic, yet we undertake Availability and Performance Ratio guarantees based on our experience and our quality of maintenance of the solar power plant. The guarantees make sure that our interests are completely aligned with our clients and that we have our skin in the game along with them.

Plant Health Check

Plant Health Diagnosis with Thermographic Camera & IV Curve Tester assists in checking and warranty claims against modules degradation. A thermographic inspection of the plant helps in detecting hot spots, detecting and predicting underperforming modules and searching for improper electrical connection and faulty diodes and fuses. The IV Curve tester simulates a lab testing environment on site to generate an IV Curve for modules and strings to check the expected versus actual degradation of the plant.

Monitoring, Forecasting & Reporting

Solarig Gensol’s Experts and Analysts monitor the plants remotely for immediate detection of faults, prioritizing alarms and guiding site teams. Further, they crunch the weather, performance and faults data to bring out insights to increase your plant performance - from optimizing module cleaning frequency to forecasting day-ahead generation. Lastly, Solarig Gensol team sends SMS and email plant updates, produces incident reports and comprehensive monthly reports to ensure that its clients are well informed about their assets’ performance.

Spares & Warranty Management

Different Equipment in a solar project have different warranty time periods. Modules are warrantied for 25 years, inverters for 5 years and most other equipment for 1 to 3 years. Further, sub components of different equipment have different lifetimes and need to be replaced. Solarig Gensol - from its global experience of managing O&M for 13 years, recommends spare management plan to ensure availability and quick replenishment of spares and effective warranty claim communication and coordination.

Modules Cleaning & Vegetation Abatement

Soiling losses caused by unclean modules, typically range from less than 1% where daily robot based dry cleaning is employed to more than 3% where 1 to 2 water based cleaning cycles a month is followed. However, if unchecked these losses can go beyond 10%. Solarig Gensol optimizes module cleaning by studying additional cost and revenue of each additional cleaning cycle and suggests the best method and frequency.

Vegetation - most often tall grass - causes partial or complete shadow on solar panels leading to shadow losses and hot spots in solar modules. Vegetation abatement includes cutting of grass enough to allow for the plant temperature to be cool while not casting shadow on modules.

Tracking & Seasonal Tilting

Seasonal Tracking can increase generation from a solar plant by 3 - 4% while daily automatic tracking can increase generation by 15% over Fixed Tilt Solar Plants. However, seasonal tracking typically involves hiring manpower to manually change the tilts and daily automatic tracking needs to ensure maintenance and lubrication of the moving parts, uninterrupted communication between tracker rows and blocks and close coordination with the technology supplier. Solarig Gensol brings ample experience in both - tracking & tilting - technologies.

HV Maintenance

High Voltage Maintenance includes testing, troubleshooting and housekeeping of Plant & Substation Switchyards of. Solarig Gensol has experience of managing switchyards from 11 kV to 220 kV. We ensure compliance to best practices, equipment operational manuals, grid codes and internally developed Standard Operating Procedures to ensure maximum safety and minimum downtime. Further, Solarig Gensol is a Licensed Electrical Contractor in multiple states, thus ensuring statutory compliance as well.

Onsite Security

Safety and Security of Solar Asset and team onsite is of most importance to any Project Owner. Solarig Gensol builds local relationships, engages in community development activities, maintains security